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Season 01 – Episode 26 – Scripting, Working DeGuiding

Scripting Component Management, pt5, Working DeGuiding

We finally have a working DeGuiding for our first case.

The scene is still the same from the previous days and it’s available from the resources page.

Don’t be afraid if you’re not interested in programming. Or maybe not up to scratch on your scripting to follow the details.

This will NOT be necessary to follow the stream once we’ll resume non programming work.
You should still check a couple posts ago for more thoughts on that, and scripting in general, before you give up on the subject.

As before the “code” is available on my Public Repository on Github as linked here.

We now seem to have everything working and we successfully addressed our first of four cases for DeGuiding any component. Success and the end of the scripting saga for this season seems now within reach!


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