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Season 01 – Episode 36 – Finished All Components

Finished Components With Working Symmetry

After warming back up to the rig in the previous stream yesterday this went pretty well, even if I say so myself.

Most of the content is nodelling and reviewing what I’m doing and why, but there’s a good amount of work happening at a relatively snappy pace.

Bugs (presumed) of the previous day are squashed, all components are made to properly guide and deguide, handedness is now considered for the foot too, the foot receives a proper deform layer, our tool for guiding is confirmed working… And more.

It is a nodelling episode, which we’ve had many of, but it’s a good one in my opinion, and it finally takes us to what might be the finish line for all components. I/O and re-assembling the rig should be all that’s left next (unless we will find issues 😉 ).

As for the previous episode I recorded a brief intro which is available in the first link/embed below, you can watch that if you want a quick verbal preview of what goes on in the episode, but it’s mostly what you have just read.


Season 01 – Chill Session 01 – Clean Up episode 27 scene

Scene Clean Up betrween episodes 27 and 28

Clean Up Work between episodes 27 and 28.

Not much more than that to be said.
It’s the periodic clean up work before sharing a large scene I would normally do off stream, but decided to share this time.

I intentionally refrained from modifying or adding behavior to the components, that’s something I would do in an official stream, but you might still like it for a light listening/watching.

The important bit is the scene, which is now available in the resources page


Season 01 – Episode 06 – Foot Component

Footroll Continued into Foot Component Proper

More nodeling going on here, but this time to wrap up the footroll in its current state and putting together the Foot Component proper that will receive it (as well as the Leg).

Possibly more important though: Now the Stream as well as the YouTube videos are recorded natively in 1440p and not down-scaled at source.
Whether you have the bandwidth or not to watch 1440p, this also results into better quality for all other resolutions.
If you have the bandwidth, but not a 1440p monitor, I would still recommend you watch it in 1440p, your local down-scaling of that source material will still look considerably better than watching a 1080p re-encode.


Season 01 – Episode 04 – Footroll, Driven Key Stages

Footroll Driven Key Stages

So… I’ve actual done episode 4, Driven Key stages, twice.

Simply put: I didn’t like the way the day went the first time, so I streamed an additional day to re-do it, which you might hear me mention a few times on this video.
That detail aside, the redux went well, and here we go through the footroll’s offset stages and show some Maya features (Set Driven Keys) and how they actually work under the hood.