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Tag: kinesiology

Season 01 – Episode 21 – Kinesiology and Finished Guided Leg

Intro to Limb Kinesiology, Fixing the Foot, Finishing the Leg

If nothing else, make sure you at least watch the video from 45m and on for an introduction to Kinesiology.
The rest is a fairly clean and straight forward bit of nodelling that brings the whole leg back together and gets us a fully guided component

Not a lot to add to the above.
We take stock of the work we had left behind, “fix” the foot, clean some odd spots, and call it a day with a fully functioning guidable leg by the 45th minute.

Since there was time to spare, and a good question in chat, I decided to ramble on for another 15 minutes about the kinesiology of limbs and how it relates to twist and joint behavior, which hopefully you will find interesting.