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Special Broadcast with Co-Hosts Miquel Campos and Raf Anzovin

Special Broadcast: Rigs as Software

This is a little bit too much text for a tweet, but not enough for a video announcement, so here it goes!

First and foremost localize and check the calendar for the time in your region
It will be the on 9th of May at 7:00 AM, AEST; which means it’s the 8th of May afternoon to night in most of the rest of the world.

On that very special day, on the usual channel, there will be a special non-Cult broadcast about a subject dear to my heart and that of my co-hosts for the day.

The theme is Rigs as Software, and Rigging as Software Development.

Joining me will be Miquel Campos and Raf Anzovin.

Miquel is the author and maintainer of MGear, a powerful rigging system and API for Maya, and a TD of considerable experience.
You can read and find out more about Miquel here:
Also make sure to follow him on Twitter

Raf has been around for a long time and is known for having run Anzovin Studios, Authored the A.R.T rigging toolset and more recently for his Ephemeral Rig and interpoation-less (more than) experiments.
You can read and find out more about Raf here:
And make sure you follow him on Twitter too

We will be talking about the core subject and Miquel and Raf will demo some of their work in context.

This isn’t a Cult Stream, no prior knowledge is required.
While it will be recorded and posted for those who can’t attend I will say that you really, really should consider attending live for the chance to interact with Raf and Miquel and ask questions throughout the stream.

I’d love to see more of this happening in the future, so please help us make it a success and spread the word.


Video is now available on YouTube

Stream Calendar Added

Google Calendar Available to Track Stream Dates

Now there’s a very convenient Google Calendar available. You can simply add appointments to yours from, or outright import to monitor all updates and receive notifications through Google’s platforms.

I will most likely still start the week with a short video announcement like I’ve done so far, but the card on those can’t be updated once it’s out, and it’s not been without mistakes.

From now on that [card] will be just the AEST time, and potentially subject to change, while the calendar will be kept up to date with eventual changes and should make it trivial for you to figure out what time the stream will take place in your country.

Here you go, if you want to import the calendar it’s public and I’ll do my best to update it first as main outlet for the dates: Stream Calendar Page

Also permanently available from the site menu.