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Season 01 – Episode 40 – Learning and Visualizing Maths

Learning and Visualizing Maths

Over one and half hours focused on tools to visulize maths, developing intuition, and understanding correlations. Vectors, Matrices, Trigonometry and Desmos.

I know the math videos are popular, and I had wanted to do something along these lines for a while, and today it took my fancy to give it a shot.
If you care at all about learning maths then this is certainly worth watching, no matter what level you’re at (it’s more about learning than it is about the specific sub topics).

It also comes with some graphs for you to play with:
Rotational Transform
Angle Between


Season 01 – Episode 10 – IK UpVector and Pop Limit

IK UpVector and Pop Limit

We explain how to introduce an UpVector in our custom IK solver. Following that we take a look at the numbers and reasons behind the classic IK over extension “pop”.

Some nodelling, some applied maths, some maths theory…
It’s a slow but, hopefully, interesting mixed bag this episode


Pilot Season – Day 8 – Trigonometry

Day 8 of the stream, a crash course in trigonometry and why it’s important in matrix multiplication.

I backpedaled on my decision of showing implementation first and explain later.

We to start from a healthy dose of very practical theory with Trigonometry, and introduce the actual scalar guts of matrix operations. This prepares the ground for the next stream, where all of this will be applied.

For more and more specific math learning I can’t recommend Khan Academy warmly enough, which also happens to be free.

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