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Support the Cult

A project like this lives or dies by its viewership and critical mass.

The single most important thing you can do is to attend the live streams. Even if they are just background noise while you work or play be there if you can.
The interaction with the viewership is everything to steer content in a useful direction, and it makes talking to myself for hours bearable.

On a similar note: Freely consume and abuse of the archived videos on YouTube, but if and when possible do spare a moment to comment, and share them on social media, please, even if you don’t have a massive following.
There is no need to pat me on the back every video, don’t worry, in fact criticism on what you’d like to see change, and opinions on what you’d like to see more of, are immensely useful. Don’t be afraid to share your thought or ask something. And even if you have no followers on Twitter or friends likely to like a video you share, if you can still share them, that will help.

YouTube will simply be more likely to cross-promote content when it’s widely shared and well commented on, so just by participating you’re helping the channel achieve critical mass.

But THE single most important thing you can, and should, do is practice A LOT, hopefully learn something in the process, then publicize and share your experience; for yourself, first and foremost, but also because the idea of first principles is that they are everybody’s and they should be elaborated upon and shared again.

And if when you interact with others, or show case your work, and some of it happens to be inspired by the Cult, a back link would be appreciated, but the important thing is that you keep rigging.

Lastly if you really want to contribute to a coffee fund: I have now opened a Patreon Page

Go ahead, rig hard, spread the word!