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Support the Cult

While options to give the stream and site your patronage will be up soon, if you think this is a good idea and want to see it continued there is one thing that is A LOT more important than a coffee worth of tip.

A project like this lives or dies by its viewership and critical mass.

An incredibly important thing you can do is to be in attendance, even if you use the live stream as background noise while you work or play, be there if you can.
Join the stream, get to and browse the website without tracking filters once there will be something worth reading (the site itself is free of analytic’s and trackers, by the way).

If the stream has enough regular viewers partnership allowing re-scaled videos for people without the luxury of the bandwidth for the source-level stream is more likely.
If both the stream and the site become prominent enough occasional collaborations and interviews with interesting people involved in, or satellite to, the craft of rigging will be more likely.

Watch and re-watch the archived videos online and not offline if you need them, and without ad-blockers (no, not for eventual monetization, if there will even be any, but because it will make YouTube more inclined to promote the videos as an option to other viewers).

However the single most important thing you can, and should do, is practice A LOT, and hopefully learn something, then network; for yourself, first and foremost.
And if when you interact with others, or show case your work, some of it happens to be inspired by the Cult, a back link would be appreciated, but the important thing is that you keep rigging.

Go out, spread the word!