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Season 01 – Download

Download Material for season 01 of Cult of Rig, as seen on the Internet!

Here you can download files produced during Season 1 of the Cult of Rig series; these will usually be scenes and/or geometry and be uploaded occasionally and arbitrarily.

All contents are offered through a read-only Google Drive directory.

Code isn’t part of these uploads and can instead be found on GitHub.


All material accessible from this specific page directly as a file on Google Drive, but nothing else directly or indirectly linked or accessible from here, is covered under the Creative Commons Share-Alike v4 license terms.
Translations in languages other than English are available at the link above.

By downloading, opening, or otherwise consuming any file other than the license file you will agree to the license specified in the license.txt file in the same directory.

A plainly worded summary (not in any way a substitute for the full license) for your preliminary read can be found at the following web-address: directly provided by the Creative Commons

The full extent of the license agreement you will enter if you choose to download or otherwise consume the content of the files (open, stream, transmit, copy etc.) is available and needs to be transmitted in full upon distribution or redistribution of copies or derivative work as specified in the license.

All re-distribution, or distribution of derivative work, will need to be licensed under the same terms.
Credit will be attributed in full for re-distribution of copies, or credit of source for derivative work, to the person of Raffaele Fragapane, and all distribution will offer immediately discoverable links to the web page