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Season 01 – Episode 02 – Applied Graphs, Footroll

First Application of Graphs and beginning of the footroll

Not a lot to add here that won’t be obvious from the video itself.

I originally intended to start more from the animation interface, but ended up discussing graphs as a problem solving notion with a fair chunk of actual rigging in Maya first.

We’ll start on an implementation proper and discuss the interface next episode.


Season 01 – Episode 01 – Set and Graph Theory Vocabulary

Welcome to a new season of Cult of Rig.

In the interest of building up vocabulary on math fundamentals for the rest of the season we introduce Set and Graph Theory.

Both the video description and a comment under it contain an Errata Corrige I have to make here as well:
While talking about the inverse function of sin, arcsin, I mention the co-domain of the function being -pi to +pi; that is incorrect, as the domain of arcsin spans the half circle, and therefore is -1/2pi to +1/2pi