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Season 01 – Episode 25 – Scripting, Swapping Plugs

Scripting Component Management, pt4, Swapping Plugs

More scripting, and specifically more on Plugs in Maya and the finishing stretch before our guide/control swap(MPlugs in the API).

I mention homework at the very end. If you want to use my scene it’s available from the resources page.

Don’t be afraid if you’re not interested in programming. Or maybe not up to scratch on your scripting to follow the details.

This will NOT be necessary to follow the stream once we’ll resume non programming work.
You should still check a couple posts ago for more thoughts on that, and scripting in general, before you give up on the subject.

As before the “code” is available on my Public Repository on Github as linked here.

This a “getting things done” kind of day, with some meandering thoughts in the end on how to manage development in the face of branching possibilities.


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