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Season 01 – Episode 22 – Scripting, Instrumenting Containers

Scripting Component Management, pt1, Instrumenting Containers

Following popular vote Scripting Sessions start again!

Don’t be afraid if you’re not interested. Or maybe not up to scratch on your scripting to follow the details.

This will NOT be necessary to follow the stream once we’ll resume non programming work.

I do, however, recommend that you try and practice, even if you’re unfamiliar with Python or OpenMaya, and need to use other means to obtain similar results.
Even if you’re completely new to programming and boil the experience down to copying and pasting then running the stuff I will be sharing. There is great mileage to be had in exploring interacting with the Maya client through means other than the UI.

Since we’ll be moving predominantly on the scripting front for a few streams I won’t be posting every bit of text, but all of it will be promptly made available on my Public Repository on Github as linked here.

We start by diving into some exploratory work to learn how to deal with containers through OpenMaya, and how high level concepts such as assets can be mapped to simple graph operations.

Our long term goal is to make the guiding and de-guiding process much, much easier than if we had to manage it manually.


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