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Season 01 – Episode 24 – Scripting, Managing Plugs

Scripting Component Management, pt3, Maya Plugs Gotchas and Retrieval

More scripting, and specifically lots on plugs in Maya (MPlugs in the API).

Don’t be afraid if you’re not interested in programming. Or maybe not up to scratch on your scripting to follow the details.

This will NOT be necessary to follow the stream once we’ll resume non programming work.
You should still check a couple posts ago for more thoughts on that, and scripting in general, before you give up on the subject.

As before the “code” is available on my Public Repository on Github as linked here.

This episode we dig up the guide of the leg global component and refactor and simplify some connections with the consideration of the guiding/de-guiding automation needing a test bed.

We made good progress on the script front too and we should now have all we need for the final recipe of the guide swap.

Some insider knowledge on gotchas and managing plugs came up as well.


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