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Season 01 – Episode 27 – Scripting, Finished Guide/Control Toggle

Scripting Component Management, pt6, Finished Guide/Control Toggle

The end of the scripting saga of Season 1!

The scene is still the same from the previous days and it’s available from the resources page.

Don’t be afraid if you’re not interested in programming. Or maybe not up to scratch on your scripting to follow the details.
This will NOT be necessary to follow the stream once we’ll resume non programming work.
You will be able to copy and paste what I wrote and use it if your rig conventions are close enough to the ones we use on stream.

As always the “code” is available on a Public Repository on Github as linked here.

This episode we finish covering all cases in the first two thirds, more or less, of the video. Once you’ll get to me meandering about the rig, somewhere around the 40th minute, you will have seen all the goodness, the rest is just entertainment.

Also worth noting that at the very end of the stream I was surprised that our cleaned up Leg Component Guide wouldn’t respond as expected, so I announced I would have left it for another day. Of course the moment I stopped recording I realized I had left some prototype casing where I forced the swap case in, and therefore the script would run the wrong case.
The code available on the repository does not have the issue. If you watch the video it will become pretty obvious then what I’m talking about.


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