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Cult of Rig Posts

Season 01 – Episode 08 – IK Explained

IK Mechanics Explained

On overwhelming popular vote we take a break from nodelling and, before moving to work on the leg proper, we spend some time explaining how IK actually works, and how you can bake your own.

I don’t know if I would call it a math heavy video, probably not, but I do like the picture it draws of practical application, and how some things (IK in this case) are often much simpler to reproduce than they are assumed to be.


Season 01 – Episode 07 – Component-ising Leg and Foot

Component-ising the Foot and Removing the Sketch

More nodeling again, but this time to extract and consolidate a Component.
This time around we identify and finish extracting and encapsulating all the front-loaded work for the “global” leg, and then isolate and clean up to cannibalise the sketch and remove dependencies on it where we can


Season 01 – Episode 06 – Foot Component

Footroll Continued into Foot Component Proper

More nodeling going on here, but this time to wrap up the footroll in its current state and putting together the Foot Component proper that will receive it (as well as the Leg).

Possibly more important though: Now the Stream as well as the YouTube videos are recorded natively in 1440p and not down-scaled at source.
Whether you have the bandwidth or not to watch 1440p, this also results into better quality for all other resolutions.
If you have the bandwidth, but not a 1440p monitor, I would still recommend you watch it in 1440p, your local down-scaling of that source material will still look considerably better than watching a 1080p re-encode.


Season 01 – Episode 04 – Footroll, Driven Key Stages

Footroll Driven Key Stages

So… I’ve actual done episode 4, Driven Key stages, twice.

Simply put: I didn’t like the way the day went the first time, so I streamed an additional day to re-do it, which you might hear me mention a few times on this video.
That detail aside, the redux went well, and here we go through the footroll’s offset stages and show some Maya features (Set Driven Keys) and how they actually work under the hood.