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Join the Cult


Cult of Rig is a series about character rigging based on first principles, intended to show how to produce high performance, feature rich rigs from absolute scratch.

Everything needed will be covered on a per-need basis as we go, in a very accessible manner, with little technical know-how required to join; from mathematics to programming to how DCC software works under the hood, as well as anatomy and kinesiology (much) later on.

Streams will take place on Twitch, and announcements will be running off my personal Twitter account.

Preliminary streams

Starting end of May and throughout June and July occasional streams will occur once or more per week.

These are meant to record live what would normally be some introductory videos and familiarize the audience with the style.

The introductory streams will finish before SIGGRAPH

Regular streams

Starting after SIGGRAPH, with the preliminary streams introduction over and available on YouTube for new-comers, the Cult will kick off in earnest with regularly scheduled streams