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Season 01 – Episode 17 – Planning a Refactoring, Maya Profiler

Planning a Refactor and Maya Profiler

This is an atypical episode: for the most part we don’t modify anything in the rig.
In a way that’s not atypical in software development; some times you need to stop for a moment, take stock of what you did and why, and refactor some of the work before you can proceed to the next Milestone.

This is what happened in episode 17. I took a long hard (thoroughly commented) look at what I wanted to do next and what I had done insofar to plan my next steps.
It’s not a bad episode di per se’, I have re-done a couple of those in the past and would have re-done this had I thought it was useless, but it’s not an eventful or entertaining one.

There is one exception though contents wise which is a bit more exciting: Towards the very end someone asked a question about the Maya Profiler, a very useful but often overlooked and under explained feature.

If you don’t care for the slower paced episodes I still recommend you watch the video, but definitely pick it up from minute 53 when I start talking about the profiler. If you don’t mind the lack of climactic events and you have been following the stream sequentially then it’s not a bad one to have on your second monitor while drinking a beer.

Because of the peculiar nature of it, and the above note about the profiler, I felt I had to preface it with an intro video, but the intro video simply explains what you’ve read here. I’m embedding it for completeness but if you’re on this page and read it it will be unnecessary.


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