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Pilot Season – Day 6 – IK Pedals Rig

Day Six of the stream, a rigging heavy session where we nodel together the IK set up for the pedals, is now available on the YouTube Archives.

We finally manage to apply the theory from the previous stream, pile up some more, and apply again.
Somewhat long stream and eating into QnA to cover for that, but I’m glad we’re done with the first surface skimming for vectors and a bit of matrices.

Your feedback in the comments or on Twitter for videos like this is important. There’s a fine balance to be struck between blackboarding and application, and only the audience can tell whether it’s working or not.

Without further ado:

Day 6 – Wiring up IK pedals and applying vector math

Pilot Season – Day 4 – Component Rigging

Day four of the stream is now available on the YouTube Archives.

Finally getting some actual rigging done: we flesh out a couple components, show how flow control works across the boundaries, and make extensive use of the Node Editor.


Pilot Season – Day 2

Day two of the stream is now available on the YouTube Archives.
Watch or review a once-over on components for encapsulation and interface-first principles of how to bind one (component) for use in authoring.

Pilot Season – Day 1

Thank you so much everybody who showed up for the stream.
For those of you who couldn’t, or wish to review, it’s now available on the YouTube Archive channel here: