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Pilot Season – Day 17 – Maya Assets for Encapsulation

Day 17 of the stream, A.K.A. Season Finale, and also where we show a use of Maya Assets (Containers) to encapsulate and establish a publishing front for rig components

This wraps up the pilot season of the stream. Thanks everybody for following.

This episode is about an often overlooked feature of Maya, at least in rigging, assets.

Also, courtesy of a viewer there is an answer to my ramblings about proxy attributes that takes place towards the end, and while for now it’s a commands only thing, and it will alter your graph in potentially circular ways, it seems serviceable already.
The flag I show in the API also has a related command flag to establish an attribute as a proxy, and it’s pretty simple to use.

In its mel form:

addAttr -ln "proxyName" -proxy "sourceObject.attr" targetObject

And here’s the video, Enjoy:


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