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Month: June 2017

Pilot Season – Day 6 – IK Pedals Rig

Day Six of the stream, a rigging heavy session where we nodel together the IK set up for the pedals, is now available on the YouTube Archives.

We finally manage to apply the theory from the previous stream, pile up some more, and apply again.
Somewhat long stream and eating into QnA to cover for that, but I’m glad we’re done with the first surface skimming for vectors and a bit of matrices.

Your feedback in the comments or on Twitter for videos like this is important. There’s a fine balance to be struck between blackboarding and application, and only the audience can tell whether it’s working or not.

Without further ado:

Day 6 – Wiring up IK pedals and applying vector math

Pilot Season – Day 5 – Vectors

Day five of the stream is now available on the YouTube, lots of black-boarding to introduce vectors.

Initially planned to be half math on the black board and half practical application in Maya, the fates conspired against me.
At minute 52 the entire host of my HID peripherals get really freaked out, so feel free to jump from there straight to minute 58.

Before the crash, however, we managed to cover a good stretch of fundamentals of vector math.

It’s a short, and very black board heavy session, but if there was one video I would consider a prerequisite for coming videos, this one would be it!

Now available for your viewing pleasure, enjoy:

Pilot Season – Day 4 – Component Rigging

Day four of the stream is now available on the YouTube Archives.

Finally getting some actual rigging done: we flesh out a couple components, show how flow control works across the boundaries, and make extensive use of the Node Editor.


Stream Calendar Added

Google Calendar Available to Track Stream Dates

Now there’s a very convenient Google Calendar available. You can simply add appointments to yours from, or outright import to monitor all updates and receive notifications through Google’s platforms.

I will most likely still start the week with a short video announcement like I’ve done so far, but the card on those can’t be updated once it’s out, and it’s not been without mistakes.

From now on that [card] will be just the AEST time, and potentially subject to change, while the calendar will be kept up to date with eventual changes and should make it trivial for you to figure out what time the stream will take place in your country.

Here you go, if you want to import the calendar it’s public and I’ll do my best to update it first as main outlet for the dates: Stream Calendar Page

Also permanently available from the site menu.